Portrait (French newspaper)

LIFE 1.0

I studied photography at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I lived two lives as a photographer. The first is very much influenced by the features with a humanist eye, in black and white. Raymond Depardon, the great French master, congratulated me and gave me more confidence. My job made me travel the world and I continued to photograph this and those around me with the same eye.

The Swiss is genuinely a subjective statement. I had the pictures in my head long before I shot. In one month, in order to keep the consistency over the full serie, I captured the emotions I was looking for. More than 35 years later, I would not change one iota. I keeped the secret dream to show this serie to a famous Swiss photographer, the master Robert Frank, until September 9, 2019.

My Dairy is my village peasants ordinary existence. The famous French photographer Raymond Depardon wrote me a few words: "Thank you for letting me watch your pictures, it reminds me my childhood. It was a little like your tender pictures but I believe this has faded away now. Congratulations and best wishes. Friendly yours, Raymond Depardon ".

Love documents the passage from my Life 1.0 to my new Life 2.0. My wife, my daughters and I decided to move 1000 km away to a more peaceful environment, in Granville, Normandy. I wanted to engrave "love" in our favorite places, to remind us the moments we cherished. I will never return. The love collection is my memory.

LIFE 2.0

Professional photographer for my 50th birthday, I now share a lot with painters. I adopted the maxim of Serge Poliakoff (1953): "Abstract art is like a big tree whose branches are moved by the winds. It allows freedom of mind to flourish and man to express himself, free from the limits of figurative conventions". I believe in humility and honesty, in the light-color-form-material magic quadrant to lead me to abstraction. The instinct that creates so many voluntary accidents and the greatest sources of emotional propositions. "For me the instinct is of unconscious perfection and my paintings live with conscious imperfection" Nicolas de Stael used to believe. In perfect communion of spirit, I lay my photons on canvas as if it was the second half of his life. This is the Harmony project. The previous project, Symphony, about adoption, is being published in a book co-written with Anne Dejardin. I regularly exhibit these two projects only in large format on canvas.

SYMPHONY is my new signature in photographic creativity

Like all photographers of my generation, I discovered digital photography and internet. I was also challenged by the use of colors. In order to continue my photographic experience, I will break the ceiling of the actual vision by dematerializing the real world. This act requires a perfect rythm during the process. I am not running a software to make it happen. I still hold my Leica just as before, like an instrument. Jump with me and make the leap!

HARMONY travels on the footsteps of Nicolas de Staël

Instinct is the ultimate judge for hazard. When pressing the release shutter, there is a perfect harmony of light, color, form, matter on the sensor. Exploring the blurred area across expressionism, figurative and abstract. Witnessing the warm water of the Mediterranea and the clear water of the English Channel. Emotional imperfections of the consciousness.  

Kind love,


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                                Jerome Perez