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"Light is my life and my life is endless. I am Photography."

LIFE 1.0

I studied photography at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. I lived two lives as a photographer. The first is very much influenced by the features with a humanist eye, in black and white. Raymond Depardon, the great French master, congratulated me and gave me more confidence. My job made me travel the world and I continued to photograph this and those around me with the same eye.

LIFE 2.0

Professional photographer for my 50th birthday, I now share a lot with painters. I adopted the maxim of Serge Poliakoff (1953): "Abstract art is like a big tree whose branches are moved by the winds. It allows freedom of mind to flourish and man to express himself, free from the limits of figurative conventions". I believe in humility and honesty, in the light-color-form-material magic quadrant to lead me to abstraction. The instinct that creates so many voluntary accidents and the greatest sources of emotional propositions. "For me the instinct is of unconscious perfection and my paintings live with conscious imperfection" Nicolas de Stael used to believe. In perfect communion of spirit, I lay my photons on canvas. I regularly exhibit only in large format on canvas.

Kind love,


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