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"Thank you for letting me watch your pictures. Congratulations and best wishes. Friendly yours,"

Raymond Depardon

This series of abstracts have been framed in a very interesting way, revealing influence and inspiration from a painter as a means to frame the timeliness of this work. You took a meaningful approach that stands out as looking through a unique lens.

The images really stand out here for the strong use of color and contrast. There is a graphic quality to these that feels clean with strong lines and ample white space. However, there is a slight texture that "warms" the images and adds a nice layer.

Lens Culture

"Remarkable, you have subtly transcribed the pictorial aesthetic of Nicolas de Staël in photography. It seems to see some of his paintings in your pictures. I find your work very interesting in this."

President of the Center of Contemporary Art and Photography, Niort, France.

"Thank you for this long-term work. This serie focuses mainly on a fragmentary vision of the world, often, as you say yourself, on the verge of abstraction. Your serie is interesting, consistent and with a real point of view. "

Director of Carré d'Art, Chartres-de-Bretagne, France.

Great harmony about Nicolas de Staël, it's a poem. Thanks to those seeking the ethernal !!!

Jean-Pol Stercq, Photographe

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